here's a collection of some cool websites i've found! if anything belongs to you and you want it removed, let me know in my guestbook :)


Fortis Arbor button



sammy the bear

jett the dragon

virgil texas the wobble

It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!

light the pixmao

other cool links

ezgif - great tool for editing gifs

getpaidstock - remove the watermarks from stock images

gifcities - old web gif search

hekate's website tools - a great source for seamless backgrounds

image max url - retrieve the full version of an image

mysmiley - old web smileys

online image editor - good for putting gifs on top of another image - resize images without losing quality

textstudio - generate fancy text/logos

web 1.0 buttons - a collection of 88x31 buttons