hey im daxton (he/note)! welcome to my little internet world

i currently have david byrne brainrot so he is EVERYWHEREEEEE

feel free to explore! dont forget to sign my guestbook!

5/19/2022: started a page to showcase my kandi, but im too lazy to keep working on it rn

5/3/2022: made some small adjustments all over the site

4/25/2022: revamped the about page (cant be assed to format it for mobile as well fuck smartphones) also im gonna start dating the songs i put on my homepage, idk why i wasnt doing that already

4/19/2022: revamped the links page (cant be assed to format it for mobile though)

4/15/2022: started adding stamps to my blinkie page

3/29/2022: finished the layout for my journal and finally made it public! also finally added a little favicon i would die for him. also added a page for posting random ass thoughts i have

3/22/2022: added sidebars to the homepage!

3/21/2022: optimized my talking heads shrine for mobile

3/15/2022: added a whole bunch of stuff to my talking heads shrine and finally linked it on my shrines page

3/14/2022: started my talking heads shrine! i got the main layout done and im super excited to dump every single fact i know about this band

3/9/2022: worked on my playlist page some more

3/8/2022: finished the page for my music collection and linked it on my shrines page! also started my playlist page

3/7/2022: joined the yesterweb webring! started a page for my music collection

3/6/2022: started my talking heads shrine

3/5/2022: added a shit ton of blinkies to my blinkie page and started the sitemap page

3/4/2022: revamped the about page and started a page for blinkies. i made some blinkies today too!

3/3/2022: added the about me page! also fixed all the broken links

3/2/2022: started my website! made the entire home page and optimized it for mobile

let me know if you linked me on my guestbook and ill be sure to link you back!